safety inspector-凯发k8娱乐官网

safety inspector-凯发k8娱乐官网

  • recruitmenttype:regular employee
  • location:changzhou
  • post categories:management
  • department:
  • required degree:
  • major in:

post requirements:

1. junior college degree or above;

2. major in safe engineering or science & engineering subjects is preferred;

3. familiar with enterprise safe production management regulations and requirements;

4. fresh graduates can also be considered.

post responsibilities:

1. formulate safe production regulations, safe operation procedures , emergency plans and other safety related files;

2. organize and carry out company-level safety training and emergency exercises;

3. checking safety production status of the home unit, carry out daily checks and special screening on potential risks, bringing forward and improve on safe production management measures;

4. organize and carry out regular eva1uations on the execution of safe production management of each department;

5. management on environmental protection, work injury, special equipment and special operations;

6. other provisional tasks from the supervisor.

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