best employer open day – walk into haosen intelligent-凯发k8娱乐官网

best employer open day – walk into haosen intelligent-凯发k8娱乐官网

in year 2023, by virtue of outstanding employer brand influence, haosen intelligent won the prize of “2023 dalian city best employer and preferred employer” awarded by zhaopin limited. in order to further enhance its employer brand influence, at the invitation of zhaopin limited, haosen presented this event themed as “walk into haosen intelligent”, and the event drew attention from a wide range of audience. representatives from dalian intelligent manufacturing industry association, dalian software industry association, dalian ganjingzi district women entrepreneurs association as well as representatives from various trades in dalian attended this event.


hr representatives from the hr & admin department, securities department of haosen intelligent, and marketing department of haosen zhiyuan joined hands with zhang wei, gm of zhaopin limited (dalian branch) and attended this event together. representatives from 30 enterprises such as dalian auto-tech incorporated corporation, liaoning zhuozheng (dalian) law firm, dalian rich enterprise group, dalian haixin info engineering, dalian north instrument transformer group and etc. took active parts in this event.



during the plant tour, haosen representative elaborated on the operation details of intelligent production lines and various production line features for different car manufacturers.



in the exchange seminar, the representative from haosen intelligent hr department extended their warm welcome to the guests. it is hoped that this event would allow all parties to learn from each other and have a thorough communication and exchange. meanwhile, with a given speech themed “haosen intelligent employer brand”, various employer corporate images such as enterprise culture, customer cooperation, campus recruitment brand and etc. were also introduced.


after that, various department head from haosen intelligent also gave answers to questions brought forward by the guests and exchanged ideas on topics such as staff management, development trends of intelligent manufacturing, and listing related issues.

wang xin, party branch secretary of dalian software industry association, and guan shujie, chairman of dalian ganjingzi district women entrepreneurs association also gave speeches separately on the event.



at the end of the event, haosen expressed many thanks to the strong supports from all guests attending the event and that haosen would continue to exert further efforts in the employer brand building and endeavor to become a leading enterprise in dalian city. 


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